klaviys email flows (chinese new years)


a chatgpt prompt that will help you create 3 well-written emails that will reduce customer complaints and allow you to dropship comfortably throughout chinese new years.

this prompt will create the following:

  • 3 emails perfectly tailored for your store
  • a transparent explanation of the delay
  • a clever explanation as to why the customer should keep their order
  • reminders of your shipping and delivery policy/timeframes
  • when the customer can expect to receive their packages

your order includes:

  • link to the prompt that you can copy/paste directly to ChatGPT
  • 3 pre-made emails that you can copy/paste into Klaviyo straight away
  • free lifetime updates


  • make sure you have a strong customer service team in place to respond to all customers who may reply to the emails sent through your Klaviyo flow
  • use a well-trusted supplier that will fulfill your orders as fast as possible as soon as they have returned from vacation (CNY)
  • i am not responsible for any chargebacks or customer complaints you receive if you decide to dropship during CNY
  • this flow is only designed to help you minimize complaints and keep your customers informed

© prompt created by tay.

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you'll get link to the prompt + free lifetime updates

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klaviys email flows (chinese new years)

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